Election Protection Resolution
Urging the Democratic National Committee
to Safeguard Voting Rights and Protect the Integrity of Our Elections

WHEREAS it has been well documented that a database program to prevent alleged voter fraud known as “Interstate Crosscheck,” currently in use in up to 30 states, has wrongly tagged voters, listing them as either registering in two states, or potentially voting in two states, a felony crime, and the methodology used to tag a voter is that they share a first and last name with another voter, e.g., that Maria ISABEL Hernandez of Virginia is supposedly the same voter as Maria CRISTINA Hernandez of Louisiana, thus providing an excuse to purge millions of mainly non-white voters from their state voter registration databases; and

WHEREAS it has also been documented that other means of vote suppression and manipulation, such as gerrymandered districts, racially discriminatory voter ID laws, reducing polling locations in demographically targeted areas, and failing to supply adequate staff and working voting equipment, have resulted in either disenfranchisement, or discouragingly long lines and inordinate wait times before citizens can cast their votes, often as in states such as Pennsylvania, on paperless electronic machines that provide no human-readable backup record in case of machine failure or for audit and recount purposes; and

WHEREAS the use of voting and vote-counting machines running on secret, undisclosed software, without any meaningful ability to verify the integrity and accuracy of such systems or to audit the results they produce, raises concerns that our elections could be, and may have been, rigged through misuse or manipulation of such systems;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party urges the Democratic National Committee to demand that our elections be fully transparent, verifiable, and routinely audited, that the U.S. Justice Department conduct an immediate investigation into the Interstate Crosscheck program’s racially and ethnically biased purge operation — and that the list of over seven million Americans suspected of voting or registering in two states be challenged; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we urge the Democratic National Committee to establish and expedite a 50-state strategy to explore, investigate, and pursue all remedies in overturning current and future methods used in undermining U.S. citizens’ right to vote or to have their votes counted as cast in free, fair, verified elections, including “Jim Crow” voter ID restrictions, targeted reductions in polling locations, times, staff, and equipment, unverifiable paperless election systems running on secret, undisclosed software, and other vote suppression and manipulation techniques, including gerrymandering.

Adopted by CDP at the 2017 Summer Executive Board Meeting, on Sunday, August 27, 2017 in Anaheim CA.

Email:   dalea@sonic.net

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Resolution Endorsers/Sponsors:

Lake County Democratic Party

Democratic Party of Orange County 

Sierra County Democratic Party

Tuolumne County Democratic Central Committee

Voting Rights Task Force

Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento

Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza, AD 19

Karen Bernal, AD7

Cary Brown, AD45

Susan McCall Carrasco, AD23

Vincent Casalaina, AD15

Ruth Carter, AD10

Alice Chan, AD10

Richard Cray, AD3

Lulu Friesdat – Emmy award-winning journalist & filmmaker

Glenn Glazer, AD29

Stan Gold

Mike Goldman, AD 45

Resolution Authors:

Santa Clara County Democratic Club

Santa Clara County Democratic Party 

Sonoma County Democratic Party

Alan Haffa

Gregory Harnage, AD6

Jessica Hayes

Mayme Hubert, AD10

Michael Kapp, AD50, DNC Member

Sandra Lowe, DNC Member

Donna Norton, AD10

David L. Mandel, AD7

Sallye McKenzie, AD22

Jillynn Molina-Williams, AD7

Dorothy Reik, AD50

Susan Rowe, AD5

Susie Shannon, AD50, DNC Member

Garry Shay, CDP Rules Committee Chair, DNC Member

David Sonneborn, AD68

Jim Soper

Richard Tamm

Shawn Terris, AD37, Veterans Caucus Chair

Igor Tregub, AD15

Domenic Torchia

Carey Caccavo Wheaton, AD10

Marcy Winograd, AD 50

Dan Wood, AD18

N. Yosh Yamanaka, AD70

Lowell Young, AD5, E-board delegate

Neal S. Zaslavsky, AD50

(partial list)

The Election Protection Resolution was adopted at the California Democratic Party (CDP) Summer Executive Board Meeting, on Aug 27, 2017 in Anaheim CA, and by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at its meeting on October 21, 2017, in Las Vegas, NV.

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DEMS Take Aim at Voter Stalking

Interstate Crosscheck in the crosshairs

MEDIA EVENT— August 26, 2017

with  Dale Axelrod, Sonoma County Democratic Party
        Rob Means, Santa Clara County Democratic Club
        Karen Bernal, Chair, CDP Progressive Caucus
        Susie Shannon, CDP elected delegate to DNC

        Mimi Kennedy, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)

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Election Protection Resolution
adopted by the
Democratic National Committee!

at DNC MEETING in Las Vegas NV on Oct 21, 2017

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Voter Registration RecommendationsElection_Protection_Resolution_files/CEPN_Centralized_Vote_%20recommendation%20to%20EAC_1.pdf
Gold Standard Audit Protocol 
for California ElectionsElection_Protection_Resolution_files/GoldStandardAuditProtocol_1.pdf
Titanium Standard 
for Election Verification 
& SecurityElection_Protection_Resolution_files/Audit%20Protocol%20-%20Titanium%20Standard_1.pdf


Here are some previous examples of proposed
Election Integrity Standards – please consider them as possible
starting points for development of new standards and best practices.

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ATTENTION—Democratic National Committee:

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